Up to 160 one ounce servings per hour. The Goldrush is our classic small popper design.


The Goldrush Popper is made of stainless steel welded construction. Standard features include a one-piece clean-in-place stainless steel kettle. The cabinet contains a heat lamp that keeps popcorn fresh and warm until serving. Rocker control switches at eye level provide easy operation with illuminated kettle heat switch. Other features include a heated corn deck, drop shelf, and tempered safety glass windows. The top is painted with Cretors special powder coating that resists scratching. Options include a salt/sweet swtich, a One-Pop and One-Pop with counter. The optional One-Pop Feature is a patented Cretors exclusive feature. With a single push of a button, the kettle will heat, pop a batch of corn, and shut off after one popping cycle.


An optional matching two-wheel red cart is also available. This popper is UL, UL Sanitation and Hong Kong FEHD approved.


Electric: 230V/50HZ; 1325 Watts. 

Dimensions: 36.83D x 50.80W x 69.85H -- Shipping: 48.26D x 60.96W x 81.28H


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Cretors Goldrush 8 oz. w/stainless steel kettle