Get the perfect amount of ingredients using our guide!

Kernels, oil and seasonings are necessary for delicious popcorn!

We have made you guidelines for figuring out how many bags/jars you need for every ingredient!

Popcorn kernels / corns

Main character

🌽 Kernels ✨

Step 1. Calculate the total amount of popcorn you need using the formula below:

[popcorn cup capacity (oz.)] x [total servings] = [total amount of popcorn]

Step 2. Figure out the number of bag of 2 lb kernels you need based on the kernel type you choose:

🍄 Mushroom popcorn:

[total amount of popcorn] ÷ 768 = the number of bag (2 lb kernels) you need

🦋 Butterfly popcorn:

[total amount of popcorn] ÷ 1280 = the number of bag (2 lb kernels) you need

Get your kernels
Supreme Caramel Popcorn Glaze / Sweetener

Love Interest

🍮 Sugar Coating 🍫

After you've figured out how many bags of kernels you need, you can now find out the amount of caramel or chocolate popcorn glaze for your sweet popcorn. 🍿

You can calculate the amount based on the suggested proportion below:

Light coating 🫧

Corn : Oil : Sugar = 2 : 1 : 1

Heavy coating 🏋🏻

Corn : Oil : Sugar = 1 : 1 : 1

For example, if you need 4 lb mushroom kernels to make sweet popcorn with a lighter coating, you need 2 lb caramel or chocolate popcorn glaze.

Of course, don't strictly stick to the recommended proportion! Test it first using the suggestion, and adjust the recipe to your own taste! 😉

Dress your popcorn
Coconut oil for popping popcorn


🛢️ Oil 🥥

For oil, you can calculate the amount of jars of oil you need following the recommended proportion for different flavors below:

Light coating 🫧

[Sweet] Corn : Oil : Sugar = 2 : 1 : 1

[Savory] Corn : Oil : Salt = 3 : 1 : *to taste

Heavy coating 🏋🏻

[Sweet] Corn : Oil : Sugar = 1 : 1 : 1

[Savory] Corn : Oil : Salt = 2 : 1 : *to taste

For example, if you use 1 lb mushroom kernels to make sweet popcorn with a heavier coating, you need 1 lb oil.

*About "to taste" for savory popcorn, you can first try adding 1 teaspoon of salt into 12 oz. popcorn and shake thoroughly. Then, try and adjust the amount of salt to your taste.

Choose your oil

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Whirley-Pop tutorial

Whirley-Pop Hand Crank Popping Machine which is silver and with Metal Gears

Whirley-Pop for your collection 🤖

Whirley-Pop is easy to use and clean up, and it is definitely the best tool to make popcorn, making snack time a joy for you and your crew. Get ready for popcorn magic!

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Cretors 32oz. popcorn machine Mach5 Floor Model with a Stainless Steel Kettle

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Cretors Mach 5 Instruction Videos 📹

Cretors Ringmaster Flite for making cotton candy. It also allows you to make artistic and creative cotton candy depending on your preference and designs.

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Cretors Cotton Candy Machines Usage Demo ☁️

☁️ Cretors Ringmaster Flite

☁️ Cretors Ringmaster Lite

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